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Iguazú Falls or Iguaçu Falls, depending on whether you’re in Argentina or Brazil, are waterfalls (cataratas) of the Iguazu River. They cascade over the border of the Argentine province of Misiones and the Brazilian state of Paraná. Together, they make up the largest waterfall system in the world.

Sounds incredible already, right?!

Of course, we wanted to experience both sides of the mighty Falls. We’d read debates over which side is better, so wanted to see for ourselves!

As we were already in Argentina, this is where we began…we stayed in the nearest town, Puerto Iguazú.

1. Iguazú Falls (Argentine-side)

Situated in the Iguazú National Park, which is an area of subtropical rainforest, the immense variety of cascades can be viewed from three different trails.

First, we took the mini train to the top trail…

At the top, the trail wound through forest and on boardwalks along the river banks, until it kissed the almighty flow of water right in front of us.

It took us right up close to the iconic Garganta del Diablo waterfalls or “Devil’s Throat.”

Crashing with such force, these dramatic cascades took our breath away, powering at such speed, they made us feel dizzy, and the sheer volume of water was simply incredulous, bringing tears to our eyes. Aside from these photos, take a  look at the video on our Instagram page (travellingtamlyns) for sound effects!

There was no way of knowing how far the water fell; it seemed to magically disappear, in a shroud of mist, into an abyss miles below us, adding to the intrigue and mystery.

We followed the middle and lower paths, which calmly meander around the Falls. We were rewarded with beautiful panoramic vistas, mesmerised by the array of waterfalls tumbling towards us.

A perfect rainbow smiled its gratitude and dazzled us with the intense beauty of the moment.

Our final path came to a sudden stop, almost underneath one of the taller torrents, and blessed us from up high.

So, Iguazu Falls? Full marks and more!!!

2. Iguaçu Falls (Brazil side)

It was easy crossing the border from Argentina to Brazil, taking just half an hour in a taxi from Puerto Iguazu to Foz do Iguaçu, the Brazilian town nearest their side of the Falls. A bridge crossed the Iguazú River, and it was fun to see how the bridge colours changed from Argentine to Brazilian halfway across!

Our Brazilian Iguaçu experience was altogether different from ‘the other side’! The visitor centre / entrance was bigger, bolder and much more touristy than its Argentine counterpart. Nevertheless, the crowds weren’t huge, so we quickly bought tickets and boarded a bus to take us through the National Park to the trail.

There’s only one trail this side, and, at first, we wondered if it would deliver the same incredible experience that its neighbour had. Initially, you gain an overarching view of the entire waterfall system.

It’s not until you reach the end of the trail, where you are plunged into the middle of the Falls, literally hanging over the water, that you are fully immersed, totally drenched, and blown away physically and mentally!

Words cannot do justice to this wonderdrous spectacle, nor in fact do our photos, but we hope they go some way to describing how your senses come alive!

Iguazú vs Iguaçu? Totally different experiences, you have to visit both, mind blowing for different reasons, it’s a draw!!