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I’ve wanted to come here since I was a little girl (Tash), so this part of our adventure is pretty exciting! First stop Tokyo: Today, we meandered through calm and serene Yoyogi Park, deafened by the, as yet unknown, creatures in the towering trees that interlocked their branches as if holding hands in the sky, before strolling wide-eyed along the lanes in Harajuku, loving the cool vibe and cute places to eat and drink. Albie found it hard to contain his excitement amongst the array of toys across the five-floors of Kiddyland! As dusk arrived, the bright neon lights of Shibuya dazzled us and we watched gob-smacked as thousands upon thousands of people criss-crossed the busiest junction in the world, all at the same time in a calm and orderly manner (totally unlike Oxford Street chaos!). My cleanliness-freak husband, Jake is loving the high-tech facilities and recycling, but is currently flummoxed by the lack of on-street bins yet litter-free streets…!