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After wandering around the ‘hallways’ of this traditional Japanese town in yukata (light cotton kimonos) for 2 days, we feel totally relaxed.

We stayed in a beautiful ryokan (traditional Japanese inn), but it felt like the townscape was one big ryokan: the station is the entrance, the ryokans are guest rooms, the hot springs are baths, and the streets are the corridors.

Everyone strolls around, enjoying the preserved atmosphere of  old Japan, chatting to others as they go.

It’s said that the hot springs of Kinosaki were discovered in the Asoka period (717 AD), when an oriental white stork was seen healing its wounds in the waters. Later, a great doctor described them as “the best in Japan” in terms of healing properties.

Watching Lola and Albie walk confidently around, talk in Japanese, try a different eating experience, and fully immerse themselves in this onsen experience was a massive highlight of our trip to this special country.