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And so our Malaysian road trip begins! We have hired a car in George Town and will attempt to traverse the north of the country via Ipoh, the Cameron Highlands and Taman Negara National Park, followed by a descent to somewhere around Kuala Lumpur, avoiding the capital, and down the west coast to Malacca. With a mixture of nerves at driving over here and excitement for the adventure that awaits, we’re off!

Stopping for an overnighter in Ipoh, we were pleasantly surprised to find a gorgeous town made up of low level buildings nestled amidst a limestone mountain range.

The town is made up of two parts: east of the river is the new town (where we stayed): a cluster of restaurants serving regional cuisine like noodles, bean sprouts,chicken, bean curd puddings and peanut candies supported our travelling appetites!

West of the river lies the old town with revived period streets like Concubine Lane and some gritty street art.

Our homestay apartment was in the Octagon building, an impressive structure with fantastic views, super helpful staff (thank you very much Kevin and team!), speedy portable WiFi, a jogging track and a long pool good for swimming lengths whilst looking out over the town and the surrounding mountains.










Ipoh  provided us with a perfect gateway to the Cameron Highlands and we wish we’d stayed more than one night!