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The first of many bus journeys begins!

Having first caught a bus from Puerto Pirámides on the Valdes Peninsula to Puerto Madryn, we had a day to organise our onward travel plans. This was to be our gateway between the Peninsula and wherever we decided to go next!

Puerto Madryn is on the coast of northern Patagonia. It was much bigger than we expected, and we could imagine how busy it could get during its peak season, with sandy beaches and restaurants lining a promenade that faces the Gulfo Nuevo bay (where southern right whales breed from May to December).

We loved that, despite its size, it seems to retain small-town touches, for example: a jumble of sandstone-coloured low-level buildings, no international chains, and friendly and unhurried locals.

From the jetty, we imagined Southern Right whales passing us by (how we wished they would!).

Check out these flamingo dudes, chilling on the beach!

Madryn is a port city, founded in 1865 with the arrival of 150 Welsh immigrants who called the natural harbor Puerto Madryn after Loves Jones Parry, who was the Baron of Madryn in Wales. The settlement became effective when Welsh, Italian and Spanish immigrants built the railroad from Madryn to Trelew, further down the coast.

Whilst here, we decided to head west, to explore the Argentine Lake District, still in Patagonia. We boarded an overnight bus to Neuquén, from where we took another 7 hour bus to San Martin de los Andes. Big travel day, but with dogs to adopt along the way, Lola and Albie were happy!

It’s a good job these buses are so luxurious, as looks like we will be doing a lot of overnighters on them! Flight travel is, for us, prohibitively expensive, and rail travel doesn’t exist!