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Pressing pause in Port Dickson

After a busy few weeks, we decided to hit the pause button for a few days. With the sole purpose of looking at the sea, enjoying sunsets, swimming in a pool and catching up with organisational/logistics stuff, we checked into a condo facing the Melaka Strait near the town of Port Dickson (PD). PD Beach is an odd place; it stretches for miles and is peppered with high-rise condos and hotels, many of which are abandoned mid-built, quite bizarre!

On the top floor of our block, we could watch the goings-on of those staying in the more expensive water chalets below!

Once the weekend busy-ness had subsided, we had the large pool to ourselves – luxury!

We’re a dab hand now at finding street-side stalls or hole-in-the-wall cafes that will feed us for less than a £1 each.

We took a trip out to the Cape Rachado Forest Reserve, which juts out into the sea and is covered by a jungle of towering trees. A network of trails cover the 80-hectare site; we took one up to the Tanjung Tuan lighthouse, which was first built in 1523 by the Portuguese and is the oldest in Malaysia.

We couldn’t go in, but walked around it to enjoy the views.

The reserve has secluded beaches that are ideal turtle laying grounds and it’s also a stopover for over 300,000 migratory birds every year. We didn’t see any of this wildlife, but it’s good to know there’s a nugget of conservation on this stretch of coastline.