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Having watched the weather forecasts, because a new cyclone was about to hit the north and east coasts of North Island, we debated whether to drive up the west or east coast. The east coast won, and so it was that we arrived in the little township of Porangahau to an almighty gale!

We’d planned to ‘glamp’ it on a remote hillside, but the winds were so high we had to hotfoot it to a cottage on the lovely owner’s farm instead! How kind!

The following day, it seemed calmer, so we decided to brave the elements. Who wouldn’t for this incredible view?

The little black box you see was to be our home!

What a fantastic find this was, it sent shivers up our spines to experience such an otherworldly place.

No matter the toilet was a hole in ground and the bath open air, it added to the fun!

We peacefully watched the sun go down, as it directed its own light show for us.

The day’s finale was watching the stars come out. No words can convey the utter brilliance we stared at, as the jet black night sky glittered with more magical pin pricks of light than we have ever seen in our lives. Totally mesmerising and incredibly special. If anyone knows how to capture moments like this on camera, let us know!

With alarms set for sun rise, we were up bright and early. It was well worth it, made spectacular viewing!

Porangahau Beach is equally impressive…

Not far from here, is the place with the longest name in the world…

Leaving this little piece of paradise, we headed up the east Coast with no plan of where to stop next…