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Our departure from Tokyo was filled with the anticipation that we might see Mount Fuji along with the excitement of travelling on the Japanese bullet train! A plane-like beast, which was super sleek and super fast, sped us to Okawara where we changed to a local train bound for Yugawara. Our new Japanese-style home greeted us with fresh coffee beans courtesy of our host; these made the most delicious coffee we’ve ever tasted (sorry Wesley!). Tucked in between the mountains and the sea, this cute little town gave us some fresh sea air (we miss our Hove sea air!) and stunning views. Getting up early to catch a bus up to Lake Ashi, we prayed for the cloud to disperse. Knowing that to catch sight of the mighty volcano is pretty rare we prepared ourselves for the fact that we probably wouldn’t see it this time. The bus journey was incredible! An hour of seeing wisps of clouds darting ¬†between trees and then suddenly clearing gave us hope that blue skies would emerge! Our destination was blanketed with the white stuff, boat trips on the lake cancelled and it was cold! Never mind, we loved imagining where Fuji would be, enjoyed walking in the wood, finally got windswept on a boat and were rewarded with views of Lake Ashi from up high on the bus route home. Mount Fuji, we’ll find you next time!!