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We left little Libong on a longboat today, with a piece of its magic in our hearts. This island (Koh Libong) is Trang’s largest island, just 30 minutes from the mainland but a world away.

Its kind and generous people, lack of roads and cars, traditional stilted wooden houses, beautiful landscape, calm waters and untouristy vibe enchanted us.

Hiring motorbikes – Tash and Lola on one, boys the other – we explored fishing villages, chatted to locals and tasted their catch.

Finding a watchtower, at the end of an extremely long pier built with a mixture of concrete, wood and bamboo, we scanned the sea for endangered dugongs, the last place in Thailand to find them nowadays.

Glass-like sea, yes; dugongs, no!

However, not to be defeated, we enrolled the help of local naturalist Chaydan (who has recently opened Seabreeze resort on Libong) and sailed to the dugong’s grazing ground: sea grass.

Guess what? We spotted 6 dugongs as they came up for air, plus turtles and an unexpected dolphin!! The dugong is a shy creature so we count ourselves as incredibly lucky to have caught rare glimpses (all too quick to have captured on camera!).

Not only did Chaydan inspire us with his passion for the natural environment of Libong, he welcomed us to his home and introduced us to his friends. We were fortunate to listen to them play music, sing and dance.

And there we helped a little to teach local children art and English.

Our Libong gratitude extends to the lovely ladies of Andalay resort, who looked after us at their idyllic location. Bliss!

We love Libong and dugongs!