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The day has come to leave New Zealand (and for Jake to get a hair cut!!). We’re all feeling mixed emotions: a sense of excitement and anticipation about Argentina, tinged with apprehension about a new country, culture and language. In addition, we’ve felt at home in NZ and made some wonderful new friends, so departing is hard!

Before we left, we met up with Jake’s cousin, Ben and his son, Sam. The last time the cousins met was in 1989!

We also dropped off our trusty tent to its new owner (thank you Trade Me, our UK equivalent to eBay, for helping us sell it!).

Argentina here we come!

Little did we realise how jet lagged we’d be by leaving NZ on Monday evening and arriving in Buenos Aires on the afternoon of the same day – weird huh?! The flight was only 11 hours 45 minutes, small fry for us!

A taxi from the airport gave us a glimpse into the sheer volume of traffic and crazy world of driving that exists in Buenos Aires!

This being a city of barrios (districts) – in fact 46 of them –  it was hard to decide where to stay! We ended up in the cobbled streets of San Telmo, which is where a 3-month yellow fever epidemic hit in the 1870s killing over 13000 people. Those who could fled and relocated to places like Recoleta, further north. After a period of being one of the most run-down areas in the city, it is now revived and buzzing. Its plazas (namely Plaza Dorrego), narrow cobblestone streets, markets, cafes and colonial architecture reminded us of Seville, Spain.

It was on Plaza Dorrego in particular that we adoringly soaked up the atmosphere, as tango dancers strutted their stuff, lively music filled the air and we munched on Argentinian snacks such as empanadas.

Walking south of the plaza, we found the Museo de Arte Moderne, housed in a former cigarette factory.

Along from there, we found the MACBA, a contemporary art museum filled with mind-boggling geometric art. 

But we didn’t need to solely go into museums to find art, it can be uncovered everywhere if you take the time to walk around…

In between finding SIMs and understanding how to register them (a feat in itself given little English is spoken and we speak no Spanish, plus it’s a more complicated system than we’ve found in other countries), and fighting serious jet lag, we managed to walk around a lot of the city, from San Telmo to the pulsating centre of Plaza de Mayo, up to Recoleta where we revelled in the peace of the Cementerio de la Recoleta, a labyrinth of over 4500 tombs – the burial ground for the rich and famous (including Eva Peron).

Oh, we haven’t told you about where we stayed! Check out this quirky converted print workshop, so cute and such a great location!

Adios BsAs – although there’s still so much more of you to discover – we’re escaping the hustle and bustle for now, and off to Tigre to explore the delta!