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We took another overnight bus from Pucon to Santiago, feeling sad to be leaving our warm and generous hosts.

Arriving a little bleary eyed at 6am, we jumped in a cab to our apartment in the Las Condes residential area of the city. Having decided that we wanted to avoid a frenetic downtown stay, we opted to stay where our Pucon host recommended, where there was more open space and green parks.

To our delight and surprise, the apartment was on the 22nd floor and afforded us incredible views over the city, both during the day and at sunset.

This relatively new district is the gateway to Parcque Araucano, one of the largest green areas of the city’s eastern side at 22 hectares.




Wandering through, it was wonderful to see such a hive of activity everywhere. There’s clearly been a lot of thought here put into providing a variety of options where locals can exercise, hang out with friends and family, play, be entertained and have fun outdoors. Having the space to be outside, to us, is incredibly important, especially in a city where space is minimal.

Lola and Albie have never had so many play park frames to climb on!

They also made good sun basking spots (Tash, the sun worshipper, especially needed warming up after weeks in the cooler weather of Patagonia!).

It was great to see all ages of Chileans socialising, but what surprised us the most perhaps were the rooftop barbecue areas! Having got used to park, riverside and beach BBQs in Australia, it was interesting to see learn about this important part of Chilean life, here known as asados. 

There are a lot of malls in Santiago! Clearly on a travelling budget, we only ever venture near shops when we’re in need of replacing worn out or lost t-shirts or socks! Entering Parcque Arauco shopping centre overwhelmed us, but we loved the quirky decor.

We are so sorry Santiago that we didn’t get to explore more of your historical and cultural side. We hope we’ll be back for more!