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Arriving back at a place he thinks of as a second home (thank you again Pri and Tim for ‘hosting’ him whilst you lived here all those years ago!), Jake was super excited to go out exploring the minute we arrived in Bangkok. The rest of us were a little overwhelmed by the smelli-, dirty- and busy-ness!! Thankfully, we’d booked a serviced apartment with a pool in the building. Whilst we acclimatised ourselves to the bonkers-ness, we could appreciate the stunning vistas from afar!

With exuberanance, Jake took us out the first night to sample the night market street food…Albie’s face as he chanced upon at least 10 rats scavenging bin bags was a picture! Day 2 we joined the traffic madness, speeding along main roads in a tuk-tuk; the kids couldn’t believe their luck   : no seat belts!!

We discovered the colours of Bangkok hidden amongst the grit, and highlighted by the glamour (so many high spec shopping malls that contradict the poor living conditions of many). It’s  a city of 2 halves, extreme opposition between rich and poor.

The temples, Grand Palace and reclining Buddha took our breath away…