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Having organised to relocate a Mitsubishi Outlander (otherwise known as Winnie) for someone (thank you Fuchsia!!) from Coffs Harbour to just north of Port Douglas, we were set for our biggest road trip to date – around 2000km!!

We planned to break the journey up into manageable ‘chunks’, with overnight stops every 3-4 hours, so expected the trip to take us a few weeks. We’ve split the blog post into a couple of stops, so it doesn’t turn into one mega long post! This is part 1, of 5 or 6!

1: Byron to Tweed Heads South.

Passing through Brunswick Heads and Mullumbimby on the way out of Bryon, we made a note to ourselves to revisit these cute towns.

The Tweed’s estuaries are great for fishing and swimming in. It’s so lovely watching kids be kids, such as jumping off bridges into the water! Lola and Albie loved the billabong in our campsite, which provided hours of fun kayaking and diving off inflatables.

Part 2: Tweed Heads South to Noosa.

We had to drive up the Gold Coast, famous for its glistening surf beaches, balmy climate, colourful nightlife and action-packed theme parks, to see if Miami Beach and Surfers Paradise in particular lived up to their reputations! Seeing the skyscrapers lining the coastal strip was fascinating, and, although we’re not usually excited by the ‘tourist trap’ elements, we thought we’d have fun hanging around this region for a few days, if we’d had time!

We skirted Brisbane for the Sunshine Coast, where we briefly checked out the seaside towns of Kings Beach (gorgeous ocean pool) and Moffat Beach (laidback vibe) en route to Noosa.

Taking a detour along the ‘Steve Irwin Way’, we saw the state heritage listed Glass House Mountains, which are ancient volcanic plugs that rise dramatically from the surrounding patchwork of forests and farmland.

The Noosa area is made up of a few towns, and we were thankful that we stayed outside of the busier Noosa Heads, in the marina town of Tewantin next to Noosaville. From here, we caught a ferry along the Noosa river to Noosa Heads, spying Goat and Sheep Islands, mangroves, the sailing club, and posh houses along the way. Albie even got to pull the horn to announce the stops! Noosa Heads’ main strip is Hastings Street, which is full of boutique shops, and trendy bars and restaurants. The beach was pretty stunning too.

Tewantin is a relaxing and friendly spot to stay; we loved the marina, the RSL and the river-side water park. Should’ve stayed longer (we find ourselves saying this ALOT!).

Beautiful campsite too…these are views from our tent window (inside), site and Albie sleepily enjoying a morning cuppa!

On our final day here, we made it up to Laguna Lookout, where beautiful views across the area greeted us, sigh! Apparently, the waters are normally a swirl of turquoise colours, but, whilst we were there, the tea tree oil coming from inland affects the colour of the water.

Next post, part 2: Noosa to Hervey Bay…coming soon!