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Most people pass by Trang en route to the islands nearby, but we are so glad we stopped, if only for a couple of nights. Staying in the Thai home of Dear and her family, we were made to feel instantly at home in the town. We even found this handmade sign on our door!!

If you are ever in this area, you must pop in to Dear’s cafe at The Greenhouse, or stay with them above the shop, because they are some of the kindest and most generous people you will ever meet (and they serve fab coffee!). We resided at the top of their 4-storey slim building, where we had more of an apartment than just a room!

The views, from the shared lounge/kitchen, towards the town’s infamous clock tower were incredible, especially at sunset.

The first night, we ambled, at Dear’s recommendation, to the Cinta Market. Full of quirky cafes and bars made out of storage containers and a night market offering a host of delicious fare, we felt the creative and arty vibe of the town.

The next morning, Dear took us by tuk-tuk to sample the different types of local breakfasts, a mix of Thai, Chinese and Muslim. First up, we went to a bustling local dim sum place. We first had to choose the dishes we liked the look of, pile up the bamboo ‘cases’ and send them off for steaming. A few minutes later, they arrived at our table ready to eat!

After that, we popped by a moo yahng (crispy barbecued pork) roadside stall, but too full of dim sum, we carried a pack home for lunch!

The third breakfast style is roti, which we sampled later, after dinner!

During the afternoon, we pottered about the streets, chatted to the friendly (and super smiley) residents, liked seeing all the dugong monuments (bringing back memories of Libong!) and found unexpected art: murals on buildings…

…and an art exhibition tucked away in old wooden shophouses. The latter was one of the coolest ways of displaying art I have ever seen!

That evening, Dear took us to a local restaurant, where we tried orange curry, stinky beans and a braised shoulder of pork – all typically eaten in this province.

Albie and Lola loved spending time with Win, Dear’s nephew: playing games and teaching him English. This was one of our saddest goodbyes! Although only spending a couple of days with these people, we felt like we had known them for ages. Trang is going to be one of those places that calls us back.