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We knew we wanted to stay on a working farm (called a finca in Argentina) so were delighted to come across Finca Santa Anita, a couple of hours south of Salta in the northwest.

Sitting at the back of the local bus from Salta, squished between our luggage and the locals!

As soon as we arrived at Santa Anita, Albie made a new friend. He always finds a dog to befriend!

The faded pink finca was wrapped by tiled verandahs and colonial columns.

Our on first afternoon, we strolled to the nearby lake…with yet another dog in tow! This one, named Chase by Lola and Albie, was to become a firm friend.

The next day, we were set for a horse ride!

Carlos, our host, took us down farm tracks…


…through tunnels of trees…

…and over endless fields…

What a stunning day! It’s incredible how free you feel, in the middle of nowhere, with just the beauty of the landscape all around to absorb.

Spotting local gauchos.

This girl is falling seriously in love with horses!

Helping to wash and brush the horses was just as much fun!

Carlos has also been at the forefront of tobacco farming; he even has a museum dedicated to its art. Whereas we may feel anti-tobacco and all it’s negative connotations, here it’s thought of as more of an inherited way of life from the Inca period, before its  commercialisation and chemical additions to the product.

It was fascinating to watch how the method Carlos uses to chop, grind and sieve the leaves is meditive.

We rolled out of the farm, when it was time to leave, having been fed so well by the family! Three big meals a day was more than we’d eaten for ages!!

These are called Tamales, and are filled with cheese and meat.

Humitas are filled with maize and cheese, yum!

Homemade dessert and dulce de leche ice cream, divine! 

Pasta, chicken stew and red wine, can’t go wrong!

Big thanks to Carlos and his family, for making us feel totally at home in their gorgeous surroundings and helping us learn a little bit more Spanish! In fact, the night we left, Albie was inconsolable, he missed them so much, awww.