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We posted about how impressed we were with the street art in Thailand’s Trang…George Town just put a whole new spin on the concept! The town, granted as a UNESCO world heritage site, has put itself firmly on the map for a living art exhibition!

Our abode for a few nights was a quirky token to our friends and family back home, who we miss dearly…

The house was a converted traditional shophouse, amongst a row of 6-7 other terraced houses – super cute! We found a fair few examples of houses renovated like this during our exploring. They say that George Town is a place for explorers incidentally: the more you walk around it, the more you discover.

Besides the architecture, everywhere you look you will find quirky street art. It became a game for us: who could spot the most! It was like being on a movie set!

In addition, an old bus depot has been turned into an art gallery and places like China House house houses installations amongst a series of cafes.

Message to our home town of Brighton: we are missing something!! We have a fabulous creative art scene, with so many talented people, why don’t we show it off in a more visible way, like George Town?!

Alors (in petit peux de Francais!!), all this art is amazing, but equally the rich cultural diversity of George Town – a celebrated mix of Malay, Chinese and Indian – provides an immense amount of food options. We all enjoyed trying different in hawker stalls and centres.

We were fascinated by how coffee is made, it’s an art in itself!

The 6 remaining clan jetties are a myriad of wooden walkways and stilt houses built over the Straits of Malacca off Georgetown. The old Chinese settlements/jetties were built by a different clan around 1882 are still lived in today.

This town exhibits other quirky aspects, such as museums like the Upside Down Museum…

Whilst we were there, we were lucky to experience Deepavali celebrations: streets in Little India were closed for vibrant markets, candles were lit in front of houses, strings of lights hung across streets and fireworks were let off for hours at night.

Interwoven amongst buildings were pockets of tropical foliage…

Our final expedition was out of George Town, up Penang Hill. Despite the queues and cost, the views from the top of the tram were stunning; we could see over the sea to the hills on the mainland beyond.